A Shoe Care Kit Guide

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Market is full of shoe care kits but not all of these have the essentials in it. If some shoe care kit is available at a cheaper price then it may not have all the essentials or that it maybe poor in quality but finding the right shoe care kit in Australia which has all the right shoe care products in a reasonable price is a task to do.

What items should be present in a shoe care kit?


A container to keep all the essentials in one place is one of the primary thing, the containers usually come with the shoe kits and these help in keeping the shoe products organized and all in one place but even if you buy shoe insole without a container then you could separately buy the container or could even use the one that you already in your house.


The next essential is the horsehair brush and this must be of the good quality since the horsehair brush needs to be soft to not scratch the shoe. The next essential is the polish applicator, this is actually the brush which is used before polish brush is used and this is required for the application of polish just.

Fabric and gloves:

The next thing is the cloths for polishing. The fabric should be made of the cotton and the cloth must be cleaned and dried before using this on the shoe, if the shoe care kit does not have this product then this is not big deal because you could also make use of the old cotton t shirt but make sure that it is cleaned. Another thing is the glove, this is also a good addition to the shoe care kit since you do not want the polish all over your hands and certainly want to keep the hands clean and therefore, wearing gloves could save you from this.


The most important part of the shoe care kit is the good quality polish, and there are several steps involved in choosing the right polish, first is the colour that should match exactly the colour of your shoe, since a wrong coloured polish could destroy the original colour, there are however universal polish available but these are for the shoes who are brand new and the colours do not need much of polishing and finish. The next thing is to choose the kind of the polish as there are two major types. One is the wax and the second is the crème, the wax polish is better for the shine but it introduces a seal on the shoe which makes it difficult for the air to flow through it and hence reducing the life of the shoe, the crème on the other hand lets the shoe breathe but the shine is not as brilliant as the wax. The best option is to buy these both and use them based on the occasion.