Do-It-Yourself Candles Project

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There are many hobbies and businesses that individuals are interested in today. Especially the arts and crafts industry is filled with novel tricks and ideas every day. Individuals’ creativity is such that, an unnecessary piece of paper, string, paint, etc. could transform into a wonderful piece of art. Therefore, individual’s interested in this area could experiment with different supplies such as buttons, decorative paper, confetti and the list continues. With that said, if someone were to ask what you’re hobby was, you’d have different answers. Of the many craft interests majorities enjoys making different candles. In fact, this is such a fun project that is included in many artwork lessons in school.

Have you ever wanted to try making your own colourful and fun candles at home? Have you ever tried to try out this fun do-it-yourself project? However, given the wide range of things needed to make these simple wax items, you need to know the most essential items. As, there are many options available, you might be confused between what and what’s not needed. So, what do you need to make this craft project at home? Here are some essential things required to start this project:

• Wax and wick

The most important of all candle making supplies is wax, which are available in different types in the market. Majorities in the candle business, opt for Paraffin wax, which is most commonly used, as it’s affordable and easy to handle. On the other hand, if you’re trying this do-it-yourself project at home, you could choose Vegetable wax.

Other types of waxes that are used to make candlesticks or shapes are Beeswax and Soy wax. Furthermore, you also need to purchase wicks in different sizes, depending on the project you wish to do.

• Moulds and colours

On the other hand, you might like to make circle, heart, ball, flower shaped and much more. Therefore, you should look for moulds available in these types of shapes. As a fact, you could play around with types of candles. You could mix and max colours using powdered dyes, crayons, paints, etc., while the wax is being melted.

• Decorative ideas

Add some fun, twisty and unique candle making supplies such as decorative items to create beautiful candles suitable for many occasions. There’s a list of many things that you could try adding and experimenting, which is fun. Some of these items include glitter or dust, confetti, marbles and more for your very own personalized candles.

So, when you’re shopping to purchase the essentials to engage in this newly found interest or hobby make sure to carry this list with you. On the other hand, you would also be able to find pre-packed kits that are sold to make candles. With that said, collect the supplies and start your own home made project in different shapes, sizes, colours and so on.