Sunday morning in Melbourne Australia

On any given Sunday morning in Melbourne Australia you will find young people sleeping. They are usually recovering from a “big night out”, heavy-headed and full of regret as they contemplate the physical, emotional and financial consequences of their lack of restraint. Still others will wake up next to a total stranger, wondering what they were thinking and desperately trying to remember the circumstances leading up to this moment. Still others again will wake up to a relentless addiction that demands their attention. Although not every Melbourne young person will face these kinds of mornings, it is safe to say that many will as our culture continues to bombard them with the idea that happiness and order fulfilment Melbourne are somehow embedded in a lifestyle of excess and lack of restraint. Thankfully, the youth who attend Planetshakers City Church are challenging this belief and forging a different way forward in the hope of leading others out of this dead-end lifestyle.

On any given Sunday, you will see them gather in every one of the 8 services. There is no sign of hang-over or lingering addiction, only healthy, vibrant young men on women, full of joy and hope for their future. During the praise and worship, they will gather in front of the stage and literally “lead” the older generation in a passionate and vibrant response to the Presence of God. This is their “night-club” where they can dance freely and joyfully, laughing, singing and enjoying the company of the opposite sex in a corporate expression of love and trust in God. Visit this page for further information regarding 3pl.

It is here they discover friendships that last a lifetime and develop romantic relationships that are free of the pressure of meaningless sexuality. It is here that they find encouragement and support from pastors, leaders and other everyday people who “wrap around” them like a giant, diverse family. It is here they find the help and wisdom they need to overcome life’s disappointments and inevitable pain. It is here they find emotional and physical healing and experience the “miraculous” power of God before their very eyes. It is here they witness first-hand what healthy families look like and how people of all races, ages and social status can relate with honour, acceptance and unconditional love towards each other. It is here they learn to be generous with their time and finances and look “outwardly” to the needs of others in their world. It is here that they learn to serve others with excellence and integrity. Above all else, it is here that they are positioned to hear the voice of God speaking directly to them, filling their hearts with peace, destiny, acceptance and purpose.

So, ask me where I want my children to be on a Sunday and I will respond before you’ve finished the question! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. I thank God everyday that my children love and serve Him and that He has generously “planted” us in this wonderful church. Even when I am not physically with them, I have full confidence that the “Extended Planetshakers Family” is helping to “raise” them and encourage them into the fullness of their destiny and purpose. What more could I want as a parent. Do I still deal with bad attitudes and disobedience at times? Yes. Do I still need to drag them from their beds to get to church? Yes. They are still kids after all. But while they are continually “immersed” in this incredible passionate, fun and miraculous environment that we call church, I have every belief that they will become the “champions” that God has created them to be. This is Planetshakers. Not just a church but also a family.