Health Documents That Should Be Translated

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If you are in a health care providing service then you must already be aware of the fact that you have to provide the patients with the language access. A good way how you can get this done is to have certain medical or health documents translation done into the languages that are often spoken by your patients.  

The first thing you need to do before getting started for the health document translation in Melbourne is to find out what are the most common languages spoken by your patients. The most common language besides English is Spanish so if you have an option to choose one language, I would strictly recommend to go for Spanish translation of the health documents.  

The next thing to keep in mind is to gather all the medical documents that need to be translated. The last thing you want to go through is to make photocopies of the documents, can them and then send to the company or the translator for doing the job. Another problem of going through this hassle that arises is that if you choose to go for the scanning and copying option, the translator may not get the highest quality and eventually, the data will be needed to be retyped, which automatically leads to more cost of course. To save cost and time, what you should do it to provide your translator or the translator company an access to MS word in an editable format. These files are so much easier to work with the way you want them.  

Having access to editable files can allow you to simply email them to your translator. And then in the email body, you can specify to the translator as to what language you want it to be converted into and the turnaround time and other requirements for getting the job done. Subsequently, the translator will revert back by providing you with the details of the cost and the time required to get the job done.

Once the translation of the health documents is done at the translator’s part, they will email it back to you and then you can start using them in your organization pertaining to health care services.  

Lastly, being in the health care industry and working with dozens of health care providers, it’s easier to figure out what are some of the main documents that should be translated into different languages. As a result, we have gathered the names of some of the important documents

  1. Patients information form
  2. Patients’ rightsand responsibilities 
  3. Consent and assent forms
  4. Patientinstructions 
  5. Historyquestionnaires and progress notes 
  6. Missedappointment policy 
  7. Patientfinancial responsibility waiver