How To Clean Your Garden And Keep It Neat

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There no end in falling of leaves. No matter how much you clean your compound, home and your garden, still there are dust and dry leaves everywhere. When it comes to the garden, it is the measurement which the visitors use to measure your cleanliness. We have seen some houses where the inside is really shinning but the outside is a mess and sometimes vice-versa.

Cleaning inside the house is easier than cleaning the outside. When it comes to the garden, we have to do various types of cleaning such as, trimming, plucking out weeds and etc. So this article is about the ways you can use to clean your garden.

Most of time, people use a separate area for the garden. Or they just grow plants around the house. For example, people plant flowers around the concrete slabs in the compound.

This makes an art in the outdoor. We can use concrete slabs to make different arts in the compound and your plants can help making your outdoor beautiful.

The main reason for having dry leaves in your garden is, not having enough nutrition for your plants. So, try to change the soil of the plants at least once a week. And, water them every day. However, it’s natural to fall leaves from a plant. If it does, let the fallen leaves absorb to the soil. The dried leaves are also very good compost for plants.

If you want to have a clean garden, you have to lawn it every day. It’s not easy as it says. This takes time. Use a metal rake to remove all the dead leaves and weeds from your garden. When you lawn, the soil loosens and the plants grow out well.

The other thing about cleaning your garden is, planting useful plants, such as vegetables. When you plant vegetables, there is no need of removing dead flowers or leaves. The good thing about planting vegetables is you use them as your food. So you know the perfect time to pick the fruit. More than that, you will be healthy if you use home-grown vegetables for your consumption.

You have to trim almost all the plants after sometime. After trimming, sometimes you just throw away the branches. But, if you use those branches and re-pot them, there will be plants as twice as you have already planted in your garden. Well, this means you have work harder when you clean your garden. But, I’m pretty sure that that won’t be a problem since your garden is full with different types of plants and flowers.